About Lisa Atkinson, Clairvoyant Intuitive

Gifted with etheric vision from birth, Lisa assumed that other kids saw colorful clouds around people until she found out that nobody else did.

Dismayed and lacking guidance in her hometown of Santa Monica, California, Lisa squelched her second sight throughout her teenage years...until, after a few shocking brushes with death, Lisa finally came to believe in a friendly higher power.

She also realized that each shade of color around a person had meaning. The colors around us are soul spectrums, or auras, and Lisa learned that sharing what she sensed could help people create happier, healthier lives. 

As she explored her uplifting ability to serve, she saw the sometimes lifesaving power of clear, intuitive soul connections. Naturally, she decided to hone her second sight and embrace the alchemy. 

She also decided to start teaching others to develop and nourish their own intuitive magic.

Since then, Lisa Atkinson has spent years polishing her healing gifts. 

She has trained, tested, proven and been verified by many of the world's leading psychics, shamans, healers, remote viewers, and mediums. She has had the honor of being selected and recommended by leading angel therapy practitioner and mediums Doreen Virtue, Sonia Choquette and internationally acclaimed psychic medium Lisa Williams. In addition, she studied under James Van Praagh, Qu'ero Shaman, Energy Medicine Master Donna Eden, and the wonderful Qi Gong Master Robert Peng.

This is after she graduated from UCLA with honors, passed the French fluency test at The University of Paris La Sorbonne, studied at Cambridge University in England, and matriculated a Masters degree in Architecture. 

In 2012, Lisa founded psychic U, an online university with free intuitive classes. (For more on developing your own intuition, consult www.psychic-u.com)

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Personalized Services

Lisa Atkinson giving a platform mediumship demonstration in Los Angeles.

Please email Lisa for Group Readings and Psychic Party Availability in the L.A. area.

Today, Lisa continues to grow spiritually while exploring an array of powerful healing modalities. She is now a HarmonyumTM Healing Practitioner. A student of Robert Peng, Qi Gong Master, Lisa is qualified to instruct in Qi Gong healing movement as well as in the potently healing, synergistic and profoundly insightful Shakti Naam Yoga practice. 

Lisa also teaches yoga to children at Naam Yoga Santa Monica, where she shares physical, emotional, and energetic rebalancing tools with highly sensitive kids so that they can embrace their supernova-psychic brilliance.

Tested and Certified by James Van Praagh, Lisa Williams, and Doreen Virtue
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