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Get a Quick Email Reading

In this short but strong email reading, Lisa answers up to 3 personal questions or addresses your concern for approximately 15 minutes of her psychic reading time. 

If you don't have a pressing question, she will give you a generalized reading with practical tools and spiritual insights to help you align with destiny in the radiance of your unique soul path.

To book this type of reading, 

send a paypal amount of $37 to:

Be sure to include:

  • Your month and day of birth
  • Your main area of concern

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Dive Deep Into A

 Soul Power Hour

Accessing one or more of a variety of guides (departed loved ones, your angels and spirit guides, your soul's Akashic Records, or psychic insight channels), Lisa will either address a specific concern or give you a general reading for the duration of one hour. 

A select number of in-person readings with Lisa are now opening up in the city of the angels, Los Angeles. Spirit energy is nonlocal: it's works via phone or webcam as well as in face-to-face sessions.  
Book a Skype, phone or face-to-face, live personal session for ONE PERSON. Send $170 to:

  • Be sure to note the type of guidance you expect so that Lisa can focus on it for you.

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Personalized Services
Certified by James Van Praagh, Doreen Virtue, and Lisa Williams